When reality TV isn’t exactly the rosiest.

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Why are we so determined to pit women against each other?

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What’s the protocol when it comes to canceling yourself?

Instagram: Taylor Nolan

The facade of Calloway culture only goes to show that destroying an online persona is just as easy as creating one.

Instagram: Caroline Calloway
  • Rose to the spotlight of social media through her #adventuregrams — incredibly long, incredibly detailed captions that documented her life stories.
  • Scored a half-million-dollar book deal based on her #adventuregrams (that she later, infamously, dropped).
  • Been dubbed a “one woman Fyre Fest” from her $165 series of creative workshops, gaining buzzworthy notoriety as a “scammer.”
  • Was the object of a viral The Cut exposé by her ghostwriter.
  • Gained (and lost) nearly one million…

Less Tok, more Guac.


Get things done smarter, better, and faster.

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Research-backed tips for improving success and fulfillment.

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  • 1 healthy meal each day = 365 healthy meals annually.
  • 5 minutes reading before bed = roughly 30 hours reading per year.
  • 1 journaling prompt each week = 52 prompts by the end of the year.

A publication editor’s take on how to make your article 10 times more clickable

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Chicken caesar salad, but the “chicken caesar salad” is silent

Screenshots: TikTok

Reduce brain fog to perform at your cognitive best.

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